Urgent PCR testing

Traveling soon and need test results as soon as possible? Don’t rely on labs that promise quick delivery but end up being the reason why you can’t board the flight! At MBM Lab, you can avail of urgent PCR testing with results sent to your phone within 6 to 8 hours tops!


*Please note that urgent testing requires prior appointment booking and payment through the website. You will also need to visit the lab as at-home services do not apply here.

Standard COVID-19 testing

Our WHO compliant COVID-19 PCR tests come with a rapid turnaround time. Be it at-home visits or lab-based testing, we provide seamless services every single time. Our technicians gently conduct nasal and mouth swab tests to minimize discomfort. Once the sample is collected, you can receive results within 8-12 hours.

Anti-Body Test

Did you get COVID-19 without knowing? Or perhaps you want to know how effective the vaccine you got is after a few months. Our anti-body tests help you understand your body’s response to COVID-19 infection as well as your chances of contracting the virus.